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Lacrosse is a sport showing tremendous growth nationwide with a huge presence on the east coast. Navigating the recruitment process from start to finish can be a long, daunting task for parents and student-athletes.

Recruiting Boost was designed to help talented prospects simplify it all with an expert to walk with them through the entire process.

Our Director of Lacrosse, Doug McSorley, has extensive college coaching experience in the lacrosse community. Doug has Division 1 experience at St. Bonaventure University along with Junior College experience at Monroe Community College.

Doug’s contacts with college coaches across the southeast will be beneficial to our lacrosse clients from Day 1.

Lacrosse is an equivalency sport on both the men’s and women’s side meaning each program is given a pool of athletic scholarship money. Coaches decide how much each player receives yearly. Academic money is available in addition to athletic money so being a good student is also very important for lacrosse prospective student-athletes.


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Exposure Service Packages


  • Weekly direct contact with college coaches (call, texts, social media) on your behalf.
  • Analysis of 2 full game films including detailed evaluation and breakdown
  • Mentorship/Advice throughout the recruiting process for prospect and parent
  • NCAA Transcript Evaluation
  • 2 highlight videos (2 to 3 minutes each)
  • One time fee preferred; payment plans available
  • Service runs from payment to the day prospect signs NLI (regardless of the length of time)
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  • Bi-Weekly (every 2 weeks) contact to college coaches (calls, texts, social media) on your behalf
  • Analysis of 1 full game film including detailed evaluation and advice
  • Mentorship/Advice throughout the recruiting process for prospect and parent
  • 1 highlight video
  • One time fee
  • Service runs from payment to the day prospect signs NLI (regardless of length of time)
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  • 2 month subscription
  • Daily contact with college coaches on your behalf
  • One time fee
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  • Can anyone sign up with Recruiting Boost?

    No. We are not open enrollment. We watch highlights and sometimes even full game films to verify a prospect has college-level talent before taking them on as a client. We take great pride in what we do and don't want to risk credibility with college coaches by taking on clients that aren't talented enough to play college sports at some level.

  • How fast can I get a quote?

    Call, text or email us directly for a same-day quote.

  • Can you guarantee an offer?

    It is currently against NCAA rules for a recruiting service to offer a refund should a client not receive an offer and payment cannot be contingent upon an offer. Therefore, we can't tell you to pay us only when a school offers nor can we refund your money if you do not receive an offer. However, if we take you on as a client we have full confidence in being able to help you have a successful recruitment.